cymedics Yaotech+

  • Needle-free acupuncture:
  • Status inquiry, diagnosis and treatment in one system
  • Shorter treatment time by reduction to 3 – 5 treatment points
  • Automatic evaluation of all organs in relationship to one another (Yin / Yang, cold / hot, wet / dry, stagnation, etc.) and their illustration in a summarising clear and detailed diagram
  • Precise measurement of 5 acupuncture points according to meridians in the auto mode programme and their stimulation
  • The non-invasive, needle-free procedure avoids soft-tissue hematomas and infections, hence, it is perfect for patients who have a fear for needles and for children
  • Treatment can be delegated to medical personnel
  • Bio-cybernetics:
  • Unbelievable successes using the innovative bio-cybernetic procedure, on the basis of an extensive empirical database. Precise identification of the symptoms and pain reduction
  • The broad spectrum of applications allows the treatment of a wide range of different symptoms
  • Optimal utilisation of equipment and its fast amortisation. The actual treatment can be carried out by qualified personnel, allowing an efficient and profitable division of labour
  • Reliable. Made in Germany
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Less than one square metre is used to combine two different treatment approaches for cymedics yaoteq+ in rehabilitation and pain therapy: the treatment of systemic and chronic illnesses with physical and / or psy-chiatric causes using the BESRAC Technology, as well as the therapy of both acute and chronic inflammatory processes using bio-equivalent stimulation.