cymedics Premium

  • One system for multiple treatments:
    • - breast lift
    • - skin tightening
    • - wrinkle reduction
    • - cellulite treatments
  • Excellent long-term results
  • Non invasive - pain free
  • Intuitive user menues
  • No side effects
  • Stainless steel probe tips
  • Optical feedback system
  • Color touchscreen
  • Easy handling - automatic settings
  • Photostation included
  • Computer controlled (Windows 7)
  • Product Deatil
  • Treatment Results
  • Treatment Pictures
  • FAQs

Biocybernetic tissue revitalisation
Congenital or acquired aesthetic weaknesses (e.g. after pregnancy or a diet) and the natural ageing process take their aesthetic toll. With cymedics premium you can successfully control this – without any intervention or pain – and with documented results.

cymedics premium provides an innovative and highly effective treatment method for virtually all problem areas of the body. This is based on a computer-controlled biocybernetic procedure that aims to restore an energy-related equilibrium in the areas of the body being treated. The origins of this can be found in traditional Chinese treatment methods. The body’s energy-related potential is measured in a closed-loop system using the bioelectric frequencies of different characteristics and compared with our empirically determined database (that you can visualise as a map of all electrophysiological potential in the human body). This generates an optimum improvement model for each individual and aligns the actual and desired energy-related states.

A specially trained application specialist strokes the surface of the skin with a probe using a paraben-free electrolytic gel. Cymedics premium stimulates the selected areas of the body. The treatment is gentle and completely pain-free. Your customers only feel the pleasant massage – and will be happy with the rapidly visible and long-lasting results.

The intuitive touch screen surface makes it easy to use – just like the unique intelligent probes that provide immediate feedback if probe to skin contact is interrupted. Our probe heads, manufactured
from medical-grade stainless steel, meet the highest allergological and antibacterial demands.

The pleasant way to beauty

cymedics premium - Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use an electric blanket to keep the client warm?

If you insist on using an electric blanket to warm your client before the treatment should be fine, but NO electric blanket should be used during and after the cymedics treatment is completed. Keep in mind that electric blankets radiate fields over 75,000 times higher than normal acceptable levels. Each cell in the body contains positively and negatively charged elements that are kept in a delicate balance on the inside and outside of the cell wall. Electromagnetic and microwave radiation disrupts this critical balance and plays havoc with the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate all cellular activity. The random and unorganized photons radiating from these fields also act as electromagnetic 'free radicals'.


Can we use a heated waterbed?

Yes, provided the power supply to the heated waterbed is turned off during the cymedics treatment.


Please explain how cymedics regulates the water balance?

During the cymedics treatment the process responsible for water balance enforces the ionic movement differences between active and passive factors of osmotic force. cymedics treatment is instrumental in lymphatic drainage that reinforces the immune system by ganglionic drainage done through gentle movements as indicated by software instruction set, leading the operator to correctly execute the specific task. The software instruction set was designed to reach maximum therapeutic capacity through elimination of toxins while improving and preventing cellulite and stress conditions.


What is simple definition for metabolism?

Simple definition of metabolism can be said as: All energy and material transformations that occur within living cells or the sum of all physical and chemical change that take place within an organism. This includes material changes (i.e., changes undergone by substances during all periods of life, such as growth, maturity, and senescence) and energy changes (i.e., all transformations of chemical energy of foodstuffs to mechanical energy or heat). Metabolism involves two fundamental processes: anabolism (assimilation or building-up processes) and catabolism (disintegration or tearing-down processes). Anabolism is the conversion of food molecules into living cells and tissue; catabolism is the breakdown of complex chemicals into simpler ones, often producing waste products to be excreted. Catabolism also includes cell respiration for the formation of ATP and release of heat energy.


What is the meaning of the green, pink and yellow coloured arrows on the treatment screens?

There are important differences in execution of the graphically displayed instructions:

a) Green arrows light pressure

b) Yellow arrows medium pressure

c) Pink arrows strong pressure

By using different kinds of pressure the treatment will support drainage from afferent veins and lymphatic vessels, which are located in intramuscular septas. These septas are parts of the deep fascia and run between and around muscular groups and neurovascular bundles. The skin and superficial lymphatic nodules are more affected during the soft tissue compression. This type of approach also supports the drainage of extra cellular fluid from subcutaneous tissue.


How could we remove fat on the back?

During the abdomen treatment, take the electrode further round the back on the movements executed on the sides of the belly. Ask the client to lie on side as indicated on screen.


Can we learn more about what the different tones and sounds mean?

The sounds are basic audio feedback of instrument's presets and in brief mimic the output values. Each move has a preset frequency, which is adjusted by the client's signature characteristics via the bio-cybernetic circuit.


How are ingredients able to penetrate the skin in order to work?

cymedics electrolyte was developed based on micro-ion technology with selected polar ingredients to match mutual attraction effect between positive and negative ion. The electrolyte is to be used simultaneously under the direction of the cymedics signal to insure penetration and skin absorption to nourish and repair tissue as well as stability of electrode potentials, ability to reject "noise" under the electrodes, ability to match the input amplifier impedance and ability to eliminate distortion due to phase shift difference at various frequencies and conditions. Unmatched electrolytes can overproduce or diminish the average response magnitude and even produce unwanted voltages, therefore causing waveform distortions and thereby canceling the intended tissue restoration benefits.


How long would the effects of say a breast lift last, after the 12th treatment, if the client never returns for quarterly booster sessions? 

The lasting effects of the treatment depend entirely on the biological age of the client. Clients with younger biological ages will see a longer lasting effect than those with older biological ages. In terms of breast lift, current experience has shown that the effects can last between three months to one year without any maintenance treatments.


What about a fat reduction?

Provided the client takes steps to maintain his or her reduction, there is no limit to how long the results of the treatment will last. Naturally a client returning to the old bad eating habits, they will return to his or her original size more quickly.


Can exercise alone help to maintain a new body shape once a course is completed?

For fat reduction, yes-it is recommended that the client undertakes regular exercise. For a breast lift, exercise can help to tone the pectoral muscle but the fatty tissue and skin forming of the breast cannot be exercised.

Which are the active contents of the electrolytes?

BT lifting and skin tightening

CT ACT 0 fat burning

ST large muscle

FT face

CT 100 ACT 1Phase 1 Extracting jell - cellulite body wrap

CT ACT 2 Phase 2 Nourishing liquid - maintenance of effect of Phase 1

CT ACT 3 Phase 3 Sustaining cream - fat burning, detoxification and moisturizing


What is the difference between electrolytes FT and BT?

The electrolyte FT consists of combination of softening as well as penetrating ingredients and it has lower depth permissiveness than the electrolyte BT. The facial muscles are closely integrated into facial tissue; therefore full attention is being given to skin repair while simultaneously action of toning the muscles is attended.


How do ACT products differ from other cellulite treatment products available? 

Commercially-there are lots of them about. All cymedics products are part of the cymedics treatment concept, designed for optimum system performance. Each product has a specific task to fill and must be used according to instructions. Combining various products not intended for cymedics use may considerably reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and possibly create undesirable treatment results.


Would there be a benefit to using them at home after the course of 12 treatments has been completed?

YES. The continuation of home treatment will reinforce attained results, maintain and tighten tissue structure, improve definition, invigorate and further detoxify the skin.

Are there upper and lower age limits for receiving cymedics treatments?

There are no physiological or biological age limits for receiving the treatment. In terms of health and well being, starting treatment in late teens to early twenties can have a beneficial effect on the body and delay the onset of the signs of aging, e.g. fine lines and wrinkles.


Can we treat people with high blood pressure?

Most definitely you can treat people with high blood pressure unless selected diseases of the blood, such as leukemia, hemophilia, blood pressure crisis and other hemorrhagic diseases are the cause of high blood pressure. People with such diseases should consult their physician prior to treatment. The operator can capitalize on "vasomotor treatment effect." After 6-10 minutes into the cymedics therapy exposure, the tissue reacts with vasodilatation thereby decreasing blood pressure routinely.


Why does cymedics work?

cymedics works because it closely mirrors principle of homeostasis that is maintained by reflection of its own principles of actions. The task of the regulating and control systems is to adapt all the metabolic processes in accordance with economic principles to the demand at any given time, by the shortest route, in the shortest time, using a minimum of energy. The time taken by a system to change from one state of inertia to another is known in cybernetics as settling process. Any stimulus that produces a response in a control circuit thus also sets off a settling process. An intact control circuit reacting normally in a 'muted' manner and functioning at optimum 'control quality' with 'negative feedback' is able to cope with this additional demand quickly and economically. When there is a dysfunction in the control circuits, which may be due to any one of a number of causes, 'periodic deviations' will occur in the control quality. These may be of several degrees of severity. In the case of labile (periodic) deviation, any stimulus will produce an excessive response. A short-period stimulus will produce a deviation from the initial energy at a steeper gradient and to a higher value. Similarly, the return to the initial value will also be excessive and require longer settling down. In such a case any permanent stimulus will also produce an excessive response and the required value will be attained only after a longer settling time. Cybernetics has evolved a method, which proves that despite specific differences, all physical, physiological and psychic processes are subject to uniform laws. These laws apply to both living and inanimate matter. Living organisms and self-regulating machine equipment such as the computer are based on identical principles of control, coordination and regulation. They also make use of the same kind of economical feedback mechanisms in which apart of the output energy is returned with inversed polarity to the input side.


At what point should we use electrolyte ST in the fat burning process?

ST is not directly involved in fat burning process, however once the fat loss process has begun, the ST can be used for muscle toning enhancement. The ST is primarily used for its deeper penetration permissiveness. Therefore to apply same reasoning, its use with cymedics can be beneficial in areas of thighs and buttocks, where larger muscles have to be manipulated.


What is the mechanism for lifting?

Mechanism is based on muscle rehabilitation and bio-conductive oscillation treatment principle, concept successfully used for decades on postoperative complications and to speed up convalescence, using resistive micro-contraction designed to strengthen and contour elected part of anatomy. The cymedics treatment concept is employing computational intelligence that directs and supervises therapy, which results in stronger muscle tissue, smoother skin with healthier appearance. Some of the benefits are increased tissue oxygen and blood supply while rehabilitating muscle tissue. Skin that is loose and saggy can be attributed to poor underlying muscle strength and tone. Manifestly, there is a direct correlation between improved skin elasticity and measured muscle strength. As facial muscles become stronger they tend to shorten and flatten, causing the attached facial tissue to become firmer and more elastic. If you were to look under the layers of facial tissue, you would see bundles of thin threads. These threaded bundles of muscle are attached to skeletal frame on one end and integrate themselves into the facial tissue along their entire extent. This support system is what holds the entire facial skeletal structure together and is what makes you look like you. When person reaches the age of 32 or so, this support system begins to lose its tone. When this occurs, the muscle groups sag and they take the connective tissue with them. Dermatologists tell us that sagging cannot be corrected with creams or lotions alone. Cleansers, creams and lotions have two functions. Exfoliate and hydrate. That's it. The extent of exfoliating and hydrating further depends on quality of products. cymedics and its products are designed to work in concert. In order to reach deep into the tissue, evaluate the requirements and than affect muscle tissue in precise manner cymedics products are applied according the application.


What is program "Energize" doing different from regular treatment?

Breaking down resistance barrier for proper distribution of bio-conductive channels. The result of this sequence has several implications. As a stand alone (should that ever be desired), it in a speediest form allows exchange of nutrients and unifies electrical patterns. This function has effect mostly on the skin tissue without affecting the muscle structure. As a function of a pre-treatment the above will apply with consequence of significantly reducing the tissue balancing time which the cymedics must perform at each sequence startup and therefore enhancing the results by being able to enter corrective phase without delay.


What is the program "Test" measuring except skin impedance?

cymedics measures and overseas many other processes outside of impedance relative to display, such as transfer characteristics of increase decrease frequency range, signal linearity, transient response, trigger error response related to input output condition stability, transfer efficiency to determine how the system responds to input voltage at test frequencies. The summed result is translated into color bar and displayed on the screen to give the operator proper discrimination test range.


Please explain how the cymedics helps to burn fat?

cymedics differs from other cellulite applications. While most cellulite treatments depend only on water regulation, cymedics offers a local non-invasive treatment method based on specific stimulus on the adipose cells, the connective tissue, the smooth fiber cells and the lymphatic ducts, while restoring the balance of the interstitial matrix. This highly specific stimulation produces local lipolysis, increased connective tissue health, improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which advances intercellular detoxification. Further enhancement is achieved by applying cymedics cellulite jell CT 50 ACT 1, CT 100 ACT 1, which distinctly increases dilation of cutaneous and subcutaneous blood vessels and capillaries, by which it enables speedier area detoxification. The molecular revolution in biology is providing an exponentially increasing body of data regarding sub cellular events in normal and pathological conditions. The task of integrating even a small part of this deluge of information is a formidable challenge. Many integrative regulatory principles are still unknown; however the present cymedics clinical observation argues that the repetitive experimental testing with integrated mathematical models of biological regulation may further discover very important principles.