cymedics Avita+

  • One system for multiple treatments
  • Fat reduction by ultrasound
  • Skin tightening by radiofrequency
  • 1 special probe for lipoma (only medical) and chin
  • Easy handling - automatic settings
  • Gentle and safe
  • Indicator for efficiency
  • Color touchscreen
  • Expert mode for advanced users
  • Intuitive user menues
  • 3 chip controlled probes
  • Product Deatil
  • Treatment Results
  • Treatment Pictures
  • FAQs

Scalpels? Forget about them!
They exist: stubborn fat pads and diet-resistant fat stores that just won’t disappear despite doing sport and having a healthy and moderate nutrition. cymedics avita+ offers a remedy here – both in the treatment to larger areas but also selectively to small, localised fatty deposits.

Low-frequency ultrasound – emitted by a multi-frequency generator – is selectively induced in
the adipose tissue at thin cell membranes with the optimum ultrasound transmission being continuously controlled and displayed by an indicator. The aim of this procedure is to trigger an inverse osmotic reaction of the fat cells through the interaction of different frequencies. Additional lymphatic drainage can encourage the body’s own waste process and speed up its natural removal.
cymedics avita+ also uses radio frequency for the deep heating of skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue.

This is meant to stimulate collagen production in a positive way and achieve a shortening of the collagen fibres. Many users report that their skin feels smoother and firmer and has a better appearance. Treatments with cymedics avita+ are always non-invasive and completely pain-free; your customers can continue their normal daily routine immediately after the treatment. A session lasts up to an hour – depending on the area of the body selected – and can/should be repeated after approximately one week as required. Of course, the number of treatments required is dependent on the size and location of the fatty deposit: however, practical experience has shown that approximately four to eight treatments are usually sufficient.

Gentle. Pain-free. Slim.