cymedics ITPL

  • One system for multiple treatments:
    • - permanent hair removal
    • - skin rejuvenation
    • - pigmented lesions
    • - thread veins
  • Easy handling - automatic settings
  • Excellent long - term results
  • Large treatment areas
  • Minimal side effects
  • Schott glass filter
  • Color touchscreen
  • Waterfilter and - cooling
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  • FAQs

What is the method used by cymedics avita+?

Body-shaping with avita+ is treating problem areas of the body by using ultrasound. cymedics avita+ is a device, which has been designed as a non-invasive alternative

to liposuction; it will be applied to treat localised fat conglomeration.


How works the ultrasound on the localised fat?

Reduction of volume of localized fat will be achieved by two mechanisms with impact on the fat cell membrane:

1. Sequential lipoclasis means perforation of fat cell membrane provoked by a moderate pressure wave approaching the fat cell. This procedure is initiated by the energy delivered by the avita+ device.

2. Inversion osmosis is caused by the shear force, which is triggered by the pressure wave on the cell membrane. Though the permeability of cell membrane increases and the contained triglycerides pass off into the extracellular room. The content of the fat cell passes off into the room between the cells and will be emulsified there. This emulsion will be eliminated by the lymphatic system and further processed by the body’s metabolic activities. (Blood circulation, processing in the liver, kidney clearance etc.) Due to the features of the piezo-electrical materials together with the monitoring of all electro-physical parameters in real time, maximum efficacy within the tissue of the hypoderm (target) will be achieved. Loss of energy into the surrounding tissue is very mean. Therefore, the device is notably safe and effective. The advantage of this method is that it can be used to remove the small fat deposits which are not suitable for liposuction.


What can be achieved through this treatment?

By this procedure you can treat aesthetically unattractive parts of the body which cannot be influenced by diet or exercise.


What happens to the fat cells in the treated area?

The fat cell membranes are probably so affected that the fat cells will remain in a permanently broken down state. The damaged cell membranes cause that the fat cells lose their storage ability and therefore the leaking fat is removed by the lymphatic system.


Is the treatment equally suitable for men and women?

Yes, except for minors who are still growing.


Is the stable cavitation treatment with cymedics avita painful?

The treatment is very gentle and painfree. The procedure is non-invasive. Discomfort can only be felt in rare cases when treatment is carried out directly over a bone, which is however completely harmless and tolerable.


What does the treatment feel like?

The area being treated will feel warm. During treatment you will also be able to hear a audible sound which is similar to that made by chirping crickets.


Is the audible noise present the whole time?

Yes, but after a few minutes you get used to the noise and then don’t notice it as intensively as at the beginning.


What happens at the beginning of a typical treatment?

Before the first treatment you will be given comprehensive information about treatment possibilities, the possible treatment areas, the procedure itself, contraindications and possible risks.


How large can the treated area be and how long does a typical treatment last?

Up to two palm-sized areas or four smaller areas can be treated per session. One session lasts - depending on size and amount of areas - between 45 and 60 minutes. The emulsified fat has to be processed by the metabolic mechanisms and thereby eliminated from the body. These processes are of naturally limited capacity. The treatment time of one session is limited to 60 minutes maximum for not straining the body in the eliminating process. The body needs 7-10 days between treatment sessions to eliminate the emulsified fat depending on the metabolic activity of the client.


How many treatments are necessary?

During the first treatment the possible treatment goals and areas will, if necessary, be discussed once more and the final treatment areas will be determined. An individual treatment plan will also be drafted. According to experience, six to eight treatments can be necessary, depending on the size and location of the areas to be treated.


How often do the treatments take place? What is the minimum period of time between two treatments and why?

Treatments usually take place once a week so that the body has sufficient time to remove and breakdown the released fat. There should therefore be at least seven to ten days between treatments.


Can several areas be treated at the same time during one session?

Yes. The only important thing is that the entire treatment time does not exceed 60 minutes. During this time several areas can be treated. Whether it makes more sense to treat several areas at the same time or a single area per session is best decided on an individual basis during a personal consultation.


Why must the treatment not exceed 60 minutes?

The emulsified fat has to be processed by the metabolic mechanisms and thereby eliminated from the body. These processes are of naturally limited capacity. The treatment time of one session is limited to 60 minutes maximum for not straining the body in the eliminating process. The body needs 7-10 days between treatment sessions to eliminate the emulsified fat depending on the metabolic activity of the client.


What side-effects can be expected?

The treated area is usually slightly warm with high blood circulation. A small number of customers may experience small blister-like skin reactions, which are totally harmless and disappear completely after about one hour without any lasting consequences. This is usually observed in patients who have slightly weaker connective tissue. Some customers also report slight muscle soreness or a feeling of satiety similar to that after eating a large meal. These symptoms disappear completely after one to two days.


Can I be treated during pregnancy?

No,you can’t, under no circumstances.


What else can I do to get the best results?

We recommend not eating anything for three hours before the treatment and to completely avoid simple carbohydrates for three days after the treatment. The reason for this is that the human body metabolises sugar faster than fat. If sugar is eaten then it will be metabolised in preference to the released fat. Adhering to this small recommendation supports the treatment in a positive way and enhances the possible results. In other words, the following foods should be avoided as far as possible for three days following treatment: honey, sweetened drinks or soft drinks, fruit juices, sweets, milk, white sugar, jam, malt drinks (beer), white flour, white bread, fruit, noodles.


Has the device been officially approved?

Having the well-known CE certification, the device is authorised in the EU for aesthetic-cosmetic treatments, medical CE No. 0482.


Why is recommended to do a lymph drainage treatment additionally after treatment?

A mild form of lymph drainage is actually already carried out by the cymedics avita treatment method, but it is advisable to have an additional manual lymph drainage treatment afterwards. Even more effective results have been achieved through subsequent treatment with cymedics Premium which transports the fat components released by the cymedics avita treatment more quickly and effectively through the lymph channels to the parts of the body responsible for breaking down and converting substances. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment enormously.


What is included in the treatment price?

- Personal consultation

- Evaluation of the health questionnaire

- Recording and analysis of biometric data (height, weight, age, percentages of body fat, water and muscle)

- Determining and marking the treatment areas

- Measuring the size of the problem zones

- Photographic documentation of the problem zones

- Session of up to an hour´s treatment


Why do the problem areas remain unaffected despite eating healthily and doing a lot of physical activity, even if a person has lost a considerable amount of weight?

The body and the brain do everything they can in order to build up and maintain fat deposits in the body for certain periods of extreme hunger. The so-called ‘fat maps’ in the brain were essential for survival for millennia. That is why the fat cells in various regions of the body have different receptors and behave differently to hunger and the body’s energy requirements. The so-called ‘emergency fat stores’ are therefore ordered by the brain to keep hold of their fat at all costs for ‘times of need’. But since we probably will not suffer famine as readily in today’s society these deposits also no longer fit in with our norms of aesthetics and beauty. I have heard of many cases in which people quickly regain their old weight after a quick diet.


Will the same thing also happen to me after a cymedics avita treatment?

The body reacts to all measures which influence the metabolism of fat in a very short space of time by doing everything it can to re-establish the originally determined “fat map”. In other words, every calorie is once again stored as fat. This is different when fat deposits are slowly eliminated – such as with cymedics avita – where the brain is ‘reprogrammed’ and slowly adjusts to a low percentage of body fat. With the gentle avita+ method, it is possible to permanently maintain your desired figure if you continue to eat sensibly.


Do I need to alter my eating habits?

The ultrasound method from cymedics avita treats problem areas which cannot be influenced by a change in eating habits or physical activity. There are many reasons for unwanted fat deposits. These can be genetic, linked to food consumption or be due to a lack of exercise. In each case, and particularly for problems linked to food consumption, a healthy alteration in eating habits is beneficial for permanently maintaining the goals reached after treatment and helpful for 72 hours after treatment.