cymedics Light

  • Hyaluronic treatments:
  • - wrinkle reduction
  • - anti aging
  • Non invasive - pain free
  • Just 20 minutes treatment time
  • Relaxing and refreshing
  • Leight weighted - 275 gramm
  • Easy handling
  • 3 wavelenghts for better and deeper penetration
  • Ergonomic lense design
  • Lens manufactured to be applied directly on the skin
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20 minute success
The skin, the greatest of all human organs, is subject to various natural and artificial influences,
such as sunlight or smoking. These can also greatly speed up the natural skin ageing process. Normal skin begins to age from around 20 years of age – depending on genes and lifestyle. The natural amount of hyaluron in the skin steadily decreases as a result. This is just 50% compared to young people around the age of 40 and only 10% around the age of 60. You can fill this shortfall with cymedics light.

The treatment itself is completely pain-free, non-invasive and very well tolerated. cymedics light uses the interaction of “pure hyaluron” – a specially developed, micronised hyaluronic acid – and pioneering low-level laser technology. “Pure hyaluron” is initially applied on the skin’s surface so that it can penetrate into the skin (without an injection!). You support this process with gentle photon energy by placing the particularly lightweight and ergonomically shaped cymedics light with its specially adapted lens directly (!) onto the skin.

cymedics light combines three different, empirically verified wavelengths (635 / 655 / 785 nm) to enable the use of low-energy light biostimulation in a non-invasive and extremely gentle manner, thus achieving maximum effectiveness for all skin types thanks to the optimum energy-wavelength ratio and emitter configuration, optimised in computer simulations.

cymedics light is based on the concept of a holistic approach: the treatment can be ideally combined
with other treatments and shows very clear synergy effects.

Fast. Gentle. Beautiful.