cymedics Cryo

  • Two applicators for treatment areas up to 240 cm2
  • No personnel needed during the application
  • Individual customer parameters set
  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Touch-screen with structured menu guidance
  • Separately controllable applicators
  • Automatic safety- / shut-off system
  • Automatic activation of alarm signals for problem identification
  • Application temperature of 6°C to -8°C programmable
  • Low maintenance
  • Very low costs
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Ice-cold beauty
A cool thing – in the truest sense of the word – cymedics cryo uses the methods and technology of controlled cryolipolysis to treat stubborn fatty deposits. The outstanding advantage of this non-invasive procedure is its maximum efficiency and minimum time requirements.
You minimise your personnel costs and benefit from an exceptionally favourable cost/benefit ratio
thanks to the fully automated treatment and monitoring – but your customers will also be extremely
satisfied. Ultimately only one to a maximum of three treatments are needed to each area followed by just a maximum of one treatment to each area every eight weeks.

Two separately controllable applicators for large areas up to 240 cm2 initially produce a vacuum
that separates and isolates the fatty tissue at the same time and protects the surrounding tissue throughout the entire treatment. This enables the targeted cooling of localised areas.
cymedics cryo induces a highly precise flow of coldness through the skin into the respective fatty deposit, the duration and temperature of which is controlled. The natural physiological follow-on processes then ensure the breakdown and removal of unwanted fat cells over a period of approximately three months.

The intuitive software always keeps you up-to-date from the beginning of the treatment, where a measurement of the layer of fatty tissue needs to be made, through to the induction of coldness.

cymedics cryo provides clear and continuous information about the treatment duration, cold setting
and pressure in the respective applicator. The therapist does not need to intervene but can do at any point.

The cool way to a perfect body