Nursicare therapeutic breast pads have many unique benefits:





Save Time

Feel more comfortable - quickly

When you’re in pain, breastfeeding can become an agonizing chore. Nursicare® Therapeutic breast pads deliver rapid soothing pain relief, so you can get back to feeding your baby in comfort, just as it should be.

Save Time

Your sore nipples will soon be healed

The faster a wound heals, the less susceptible it is to infection. Nursicare® pads help to quickly repair irritated and cracked nipples by creating a clean, healing environment that helps prevent infection and allows the nipple to return to its natural, healthy state.

Save Time

Safe for baby - safe for you

Where moms and babies are concerned, safety has to be a top priority. Nursicare® products meet all required international safety standards, and our pads have passed all relevant regulatory reviews and clearances in the countries where they are marketed.

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Impressions from breastfeeding mothers

Mother Review 2

Kathy (mother of Jessica)


My nipples were sore almost from the very first day, and had it gone on like that I wouldn't have been able to bear it. Luckily, I was introduced to Nursicare. The relief was almost immediate and that's what allowed me to keep breastfeeding - which I desperately wanted to do. I think Nursicare pads should be a MUST in every pre-delivery bag.

Mother Review 1

Lili (mother of Dan)


I breastfed my son Dan while he was teething and suffered terribly from abrasion and cracked nipples. Thanks to Nursicare, the cracks disappeared, and the pain relief was immediate. It’s just a really great product. I recommend it to all my friends.

Mother Review 3

Sylvie (mother of Gil)

Life Saver

I started using Nursicare a week after my baby was born while I still recovered from my Caesarean. The pad helped soothe my sore nipples as well as they area around them, which was very sensitive. The pads provided protection from the friction caused by my clothes. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Why Nursicare

Our Approach


Taking pain out of the equation

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. But we believe it's much more than that. We believe that breastfeeding is a bond between you and your baby. We are not pro-nursing activists. We believe in free choice. We help those who choose breastfeeding and experience pain and discomfort. We say "Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt".


Proven healing properties built in to every pad

In more than 25 years of developing new wound dressings, we have relieved the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people, all over the world. We have now channeled this extensive experience to develop a product that helps heal sore, inflamed breasts so that mothers can breastfeed their babies without pain. Nursicare therapeutic breast pads are made from PolyMem®, an innovative material used in multifunctional wound care dressings and proven worldwide to reduce pain and improve healing of skin and soft tissue injuries, in both acute and chronic wounds.

Our Approach

Feedback from experts

Mother Review 1

Sharone IBCLC, 16 years experience

These wonderful Nursicare pads are truly excellent

Nursicare pads upgraded my practice and solved one of the breastfeeding mother’s major difficulties, which sometimes cause women to stop breastfeeding. These women with damaged nipples couldn’t hold their babies due to severe pain, but felt significant pain relief only six hours after applying the Nursicare. This constant pain was a big obstacle, because even while not nursing, many women couldn't handle the pain – let alone when nursing. Also, the healing process of the nipple layer of skin was so much faster than before.

Mother Review 3

Anat Yaari IBCLC, 10 years experience

Nursicare pads are a unique, incredibly effective solution to a common problem

One of the main reasons mothers discontinue breastfeeding is pain, but by using Nursicare, mothers won’t have to make that difficult choice. I have seen Nursicare in action in my practice and there is truly nothing like it.

Mother Review 2

Vered Bukai IBCLC , Bsc.Nutr , LLL, 14 years

I hear enthusiastic feedback regarding the use of Nursicare pads

It's important for me to tell my experience with Nursicare breast pads for the past year and a half. I hear from many of my patients enthusiastic feedback regarding the use of Nursicare pads. The pads are so magical, easy to use and do not stain the bra or the garment as some of the creams do. The improvement in the healing process is so fast and the pain reduction as well. I recommend them even when there is no visible problem but there is significant sensitivity or pain on the nipples.


How to use in 5 easy steps


Use Step 1



Before the first use of a new Nursicare pad, wipe the nipple and surrounding area with a cloth slightly wet with water– the moisture will help to activate the healing ingredients contained in the Nursicare pad. Do not dry the skin or nipple.

Use Step 2



Remove the sterile pad from its packaging and place it inside your bra, with the printed label side facing outwards and the plain side touching your nipple. Center the pad over the nipple area.

Use Step 3



When it’s time to nurse or pump, remove the pad and place it on a clean surface with the unlabeled side up. Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, wipe the breast with a clean cloth or towelette moistened with water or mothers’ milk.

Use Step 4



Nursicare disposable pads are designed to be used several times. When you’ve finished breastfeeding or pumping, simply replace the pad back inside your bra.

Use Step 5



Over time, the pad absorbs fluid. When the pad becomes saturated, it’s time to throw it out. You’ll know when to reach for a new pad when the liquid held inside becomes visible through the labelled side, before the absorbed fluid reaches the edge of the pad. This usually takes a few days, but each mom is different, so do check every time you remove the pad for a feed or pump. Note: Do not wash the pads as this removes the vital ingredients that make them effective.