1. Structured documentation: Guides in the wound assessment process eleminating manual recording errors, gaps and inconsistencies.


2. Cost effectiveness: Double-documentation and redundant manual report compilation are eliminated.


3. Facilities save on labor costs: More efficient workflow & better clinician and staff time management.


4. Reduction of errors: Reduces mistakes in documentation, which redcues medical errors. This reduces exposure to medical malpractice and general liability. Admission assessment and documentation of pre-existing ulcers (pressure, diabetic, etc) would also help in the legal aspects.   
lAutomatic measurement of

wound surface area & tissue composition

lAdaptive scanning and identification of wound area using QR code
lMultiple measurement methods for different scenarios
lAutomatic recognition efficiency & accruacy inmproved by 70%
lOperation guidelines
lBetter user experience

Automatically analyze wound color and stage based on wound photo and range.


Analyze the tissue

composition according to different colors.



Presentation can be automatically

created for the chosen wound case.


üYou can choose photos from the case that you want to put in the presentation, then a PPT file will be created automatically.


üYou can also share the presentation with others through other APPs (e.g. Wechat, emailbox...etc.)